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“The Online Homeopath is a natural progression of my passion for teaching and helping others learn about homeopathy, whether you’re looking to try homoeopathy to improve your, and your family’s, health or whether you’re on the road to becoming a homeopath yourself. You’ll find a wealth of resources on the history, benefits and workings of homeopathy right here and can also reach out to consult with me directly.”


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A Does of Winter Sunshine

I was recently watching the amazing, breath-taking, new ‘Universe’ series with Brian Cox, and it reminded me of the remedy, Sol Brittanica. This could be a great remedy to start your new health routine for 2022, in the northern hemisphere. The beginning of a new year brings renewed intention and very often, a surge of inwardly centered energy, especially after Xmas and New Year excesses. So January and February can be ideal times to take stock of your levels of lethargy, tiredness, interrupt...