A Does of Winter Sunshine

I was recently watching the amazing, breath-taking, new ‘Universe’ series with Brian Cox, and it reminded me of the remedy, Sol Brittanica. This could be a great remedy to start your new health routine for 2022, in the northern hemisphere.

The beginning of a new year brings renewed intention and very often, a surge of inwardly centered energy, especially after Xmas and New Year excesses. So January and February can be ideal times to take stock of your levels of lethargy, tiredness, interrupted sleep, feeling unrefreshed on waking, mood swings, depression, feelings of sadness and restlessness – and make a plan for incremental improvements. All of these symptoms could be linked to SAD, or Seasonal Affected Disorder and a build up of lock-down anxiety during the last 24 months.

Looking in Franz Vermeulen’s book, Synoptic Remedies, we find that  Sol is indicated when a person feels indecisive, argumentative, at a low ebb, depressed and tearful. They feel out of balance, they need to reorganize their lives in order to feel in control again. They need to 'pluck-up' a little more 'courage' to 'get on with their life' instead of waiting for 'something' to happen.

Here are some more of the symptoms of Sol taken from the proving or tests that were performed on the remedy when it was first made.

“Dreams to travel, wanting to get away.

Getting more and more tired as the day goes on.

Feel better after a hot bath

Desire juicy refreshing fruit

Feel better after a short nap”.

Please discuss this with your homeopath before self prescribing. You can order this remedy from Helios Pharmacy.

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Jude Cresswell DSH BHSc Homoeopathy, RSHom (UK)