Calcium Sulphate

Also known as Plaster of Paris.

This remedy works on connective tissues, glands, bones and skin.


Fear of birds.


  • Eczema and glandular swellings.
  • Remedy for cystic tumours and fibroids.
  • Works for wounds where pus formation has taken place and for abscesses.
  • There is a constant discharge of thick yellow pus.
  • Boils, wounds, fistula, sinus, tonsillitis, otitis media, purulent diarrhoea, pneumonia, glandular swellings, and ulcers.
  • Cases of suppuration, when the discharge continues for too long and when the skin won’t heal.
  • Cold foul foot sweat which burn the soles of the feet.

General Symptoms:  The patient is worse...

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