Coffea Cruda

Also known as Unroasted Coffee.

A remedy for severe pain, excessive emotions, including joy. Used in childbirth to relieve pain of labour.


  • ailments from anger, excitement, fright, excessive joy and happy surprises.
  • remedy for disappointed love where the emotions run high
  • mind gets overstimulated and thoughts wander, ideas gush out
  • answers incoherently.
  • overly active minds
  • theorises, and is often sleepless.
  • Despair from physical pain


  • over-sensitive to pain. All senses are acutely heightened.
  • eyes dilated and shining;
  • marked redness to both cheeks
  • very loquacious, with an active memory and exulted feelings.
  • In childbirth when the mother...

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