Kali Carbonicum

Also known as Carbonate of Potassium.

This is a remedy for backaches, heartburn, headaches, and mental conditions.


  • Mind rules their emotions.
  • Conservative, regular, proper, down to earth.
  • Strong emphasis on morality.
  • Fear losing control.
  • Dogmatic with a strong sense of duty.
  • Emotions in the stomach; fear and fright are impressed into the Solar Plexus.
  • Make life difficult for those around them who have a will of their own.
  • During menses women can experience emotional instability, with strong mood swings.


  • Craves sweets.
  • Flatulence.
  • Stitching pains in the liver region.
  • Perspire easily with little exertion.
  • Backache in...

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