Kali Phosphoricum

Also known as Phosphate of Potassium.

A remedy for exhaustion, nervous disorders, weakness and fatigue, a dynamic decay.


  • Excitement, overwork and worry.
  • Anxiety, nervous dread, exhaustion, and fatigue.
  • Indisposed to meet people.
  • Extreme lassitude and depressed feelings.
  • Nervous people who startle easily.
  • Brain fag from overwork and study.
  • Memory loss.
  • Despair about business.
  • Shy and disinclined to talk and socialise.


  • Lack of nervous energy, mental and physical depression.
  • Suspected malignant tumours.
  • After removal of cancer when in healing the skin becomes tight over the wound.
  • Delayed labour in childbirth.
  • Long, difficult labour, to keep up...

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