Magnesia Phosphorica

Also Phosphate of Magnesia.

A pain relief remedy for pre-menstrual pains,  cramps, headaches, and general pains.


  • Irritable and fearful.
  • Very impulsive.
  • Sensitive artistic or intellectual people, who are nervous, intense, restless and neurotic with cramps and pain.
  • Always discussing their pains.


  • Erratic, wandering pains.
  • Radiating pains.
  • Cramping, shooting, stitching pains.
  • Growing pains in young people.
  • Headache which starts in the nape of the neck, spreading to whole head.
  • Pre-menstrual pains, better when the flow starts.

General Symptoms: Better for hot applications to affected parts. Better for pressure on painful area.

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