Natrum Carbonicum

Also Carbonate of Sodium.

A remedy for weakness caused by summer heat and chronic effects of sunstroke exhaustion.


  • Selflessness and sweet natured.
  • Delicacy and dignity.
  • Self-contained, independent, kind and mild.
  • Unselfish with a tendency to sacrifice.
  • Devoted and giving to others.
  • Sympathetic, takes care of others without asking anything back.
  • Cheerful, even when sad.
  • Very sensitive to ambience.
  • Withdrawn and estranged.
  • Mental exhaustion.
  • Oversensitive to music, thunderstorms.
  • Aversion to certain people, company.
  • Estranged from her family.
  • Restless while reading.


  • Weakened by heat.
  • Weak digestion.
  • Weak ankles, easily dislocated and sprained.
  • Flatulence and diarrhoea from milk.
  • ...

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