Natrum Phosphoricum

Also known as Sodium Sulphate.

A remedy specific for HEAD INJURIES at any time.


  • A systematic worker.
  • Down to earth.
  • Strong sense of duty and responsibility. Their emotions are not involved nor are they impulsive or spontaneous.
  • Objective, realistic and always matter of fact people.
  • Emotional with music.
  • Sadness and suicidal disposition.
  • Mental changes after head injury.


  • Profuse yellow, watery discharges or thick yellow-green and purulent.
  • Chronic physical or mental problems that arise from an old head injury.
  • Headaches with photo-phobia.
  • Asthma from damp, wet weather and head injury.
  • Hepatitis, gallstones, colic, and jaundice
  • Chronic...

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