Nux Vomica

Also known as Poison Nut.

A remedy for constipation, sore throat and mental states of anger and irritability.


  • Strong, ambitious personality who gets angered and irritable easily.
  • Business people who have a sedentary life style, eat overly rich food and drink too much.
  • Cramped and can’t relax.
  • Independent, fear of marriage, intimacy, fastidious, fault finding, reproaching others.
  • Irritable and impatient.
  • Quarrelsome, even to the point of violence.
  • Jealous and abusive.


  • Lazy and torpid liver, the cause of irritability and anger.
  • Constipation, ineffectual urging to stool, to urinate, to belch, to sneeze, to vomit.
  • Sensation as...

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