Also known as Midnight Oil.

A remedy for fear, fright, joy, head injuries.


  • Disappointment, embarrassment, fear.
  • Fright from the sight of an accident, grief, mortification, reproaches, shame mental shock.
  • Withdrawal into an inner world.
  • Those who drown themselves in drink.
  • Dipsomania.
  • Unaffected painless symptoms.
  • Lack of vital reaction to stimulation.


  • Vertigo after stress.
  • Eyes open during unconsciousness.
  • Face pale and discoloured during rage, headache.
  • Constipation, stool recedes, after drug abuse, during pregnancy, sedentary life style.
  • Diarrhoea after fright, or from sudden joy.
  • Involuntary stool after fright.
  • Retention of urine.
  • Female: can prevent miscarriage from...

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