Phosphoric Acid

Also known as Orthophosphoric Acid.

A remedy for exhaustion from overwork, grief, disappointment f. Used in childbirth when labour has exhausted the mother. Useful in relieving pains of cancer.


  • Mild, yielding.
  • Overwhelmed by emotions.
  • Slow recovery of acute illness.
  • Apathetic, burned out, lazy.
  • Weak and indifferent to everything.
  • Slow to grasp ideas and has poor memory.
  • Grief, disappointed love, mental shock and settled despair.


  • Head feels heavy and confused.
  • Crushing headache.
  • Hair: greys early and falls out.
  • Blue rings around eyes.
  • Ravenous appetite at night.
  • Sensation of a lump in the guts after eating.
  • ...

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