Also known as Phosphate Rock.

A remedy for burning pains, haemorrhages, hypoglycemia, colds, flu.


  • Extroverted, open and affectionate.
  • Too open and impressionable.
  • Sensitive to all external impressions.
  • Easily distracted, suggestible.
  • Full of fears.
  • Anxious about being alone, ghosts, future, health, disease, thunderstorms.
  • Quickly prostrated by bad news.
  • Low Spirits.
  • Clairvoyant premonitions.
  • Paralysis of the insane.
  • Mental fatigue.
  • Excitable, restless, fidgety.
  • Insanity, with exaggerated ideas about themselves.


  • Cataracts, sensation that everything is covered with mist.
  • Atrophy of the optic nerve.
  • Oedema of eyelids.
  • Glaucoma.
  • Thrombosis of retinal vessel and degenerative changes in retina.
  • Face, pale with...

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