Also known as Poke Root.

A remedy for swollen glands, prostration, soreness, restlessness, cancer.


  • Loss of personal delicacy.
  • Disregards surroundings.
  • Indifferent to life.
  • Indifferent to exposing herself. Shameless.
  • Unbearable pains.


  • Wandering and shooting pains, like electric shocks.
  • Pains appear and disappear, like electric shocks.
  • Restlessness with desire for motion.
  • Cancer. Hard nodules in the breast with enlarged auxiliary glands.
  • Mastitis., breasts feel like hard stones, heavy and swollen, worse during nursing, pains can spread to entire body. Cracked nipples.
  • Tonsillitis., recurrent or acute.
  • Tendency to Sinusitis.
  • Angina Pectoris, when pain leave heart and appears in...

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