Also known as Platinum.

A remedy for feminine aspects, including cramping with emotional and sexual components.


  • Romantic and idealistic.
  • Disappointment, especially sexual in nature; grief, scorn, or deceived ambition.
  • Dwelling on the past, feeling forsaken and deserted.
  • Compensation with masturbation and narcissism.
  • Self-love, only wants the very best things.
  • Contempt for others, arrogance and pride.
  • Feeling superior with dullness and indifference to others.


  • High sex drive, excessive sexual desire.
  • Easily excited.
  • Violent cramping, including vaginismus during sex.
  • Numbness, stiffness and coldness in affected parts.
  • Pains appear and disappear gradually.
  • Menses copious and short.
  • Numbness in...

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