Also known as Lead.

A remedy for paralysis, Multiple Sclerosis, Infantile Paralysis, and progressive muscular atrophy.


  • Depression with fear of being killed.
  • Melancholy, slow perception with loss of memory.
  • Apathy.
  • Mental exhaustion from physical efforts.
  • Rigidity in thinking of egocentric people who are self-destructive, impulsive and seek forbidden thrills.
  • Children: weak memories or problems at school, emotional instability with great restlessness.


  • Slow deterioration of extensors.
  • Distinct blue lines along margins of gums, referring to intake of lead.
  • Gastralgia, constant vomiting.
  • Cannot swallow solid food.
  • Excessive colic.
  • Strangulated hernia.
  • Constipation, hard, lumpy stools, black, with urging...

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