Also known as Scabies Vesicle.

A remedy for genetic predisposition for under-functioning systems, worse for cold. Achy, weak patients slow to recover from chronic conditions.


  • Hopeless, despair of recovery.
  • Suicidal longings.
  • Always at the effect of life’s changes.
  • Forebodings, anxiety, lack of energy, will power, love, money, hope, knowledge, ambition, reaction, life impulse.
  • Forsaken.
  • Confused as to his identity.


  • Congestion with headache and nose bleed.
  • Chronic headaches, usually accompanied with great hunger, worse at night.
  • Worse for change of weather.
  • Eczema around face and ears. Skin is dirty, dry, dingy looking.
  • Hair is rough and...

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