Also known as Pyrexia.

A remedy specific for serious infections which do not respond to drugs or remedies. Septic states with intense restlessness. Septic states with intense restlessness. A good homeopathic antiseptic.


  • Full of anxiety and insane notions.
  • Loquacious, can’t stop chattering
  • Delusions about his wealth.
  • Cannot distinguish whether he is dreaming or awake.


  • Head throbs with pain,
  • bursting headache with acute restlessness.
  • Septic fevers.
  • Chill begins in back, temperature rises rapidly.
  • Great heat with profuse hot sweat, but temperature does not drop.
  • Tired feeling in heart with palpitations.
  • Pulse is overly rapid.
  • Vomiting, water...

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