Rhus Toxicodendron

Also known as Poison Ivy.

A remedy for skin irritation, rheumatic pains, mucous membrane problems and mental irritation.


  • Great irritability and internal restlessness.
  • Tendency to withhold feelings, stiff, unresponsive, hold affection back.
  • Fixed ideas.
  • Superstition.
  • Apprehension at night.
  • Feels threatened, without knowing why.
  • Cares and worries all worse at night.
  • Sadness after midnight.
  • Listless, suicidal thoughts.
  • Fear of being poisoned.


  • Strain, over-lifting, getting wet while perspiring.
  • Septic conditions, such as pneumonia, infections.
  • Stiff joints and rheumatism in cold weather.
  • Septicaemia.
  • Headache in occiput. Scalp sensitive.
  • Eyes swollen and red. Pustular inflammation of the eye.
  • Old...

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