NARAYANI Homeopathic remedy mix for COLDS. Narayani Blog 2

Usage:  COLDS MIX 11    in 6X

Watery discharge from nose and eyes; sneezing. The moment a cold is beginning, start with Cold Pills, Invariably, this clears the condition at once.
People often ask for a stock of the Cold Pills to keep at home since they find that their children who were constantly getting colds are now much better after a day or two on this remedy.

Aconite – coryza; much sneezing; nose stuffed up; eyes watering.
Allium Cepa – eyes burning, smarting and watery; nose sneezing with a fluent watery, acrid discharge (as when peeling onions)
Euphrasia – eyes; acrid lachrymation; nose; profuse, fluent coryza. Gelsemium – cold beginning with a chill up and down spine; sneezing; fullness at root of nose; watery, excoriating discharge.

Dosage:  every 15 minutes until eased, then TDS.