NARAYANI Homeopathic remedy mix for FLU . Narayani Blog 4


Here are two further Narayani flu combinations, in 30C and 10M.

Usage:  FLU  SPEC 22   in  30 CH

Alone is effective remedy for fevers and influenza. It holds the immune system and treats the glands.

Flu 94—Flu Pack—Glandular Mix Immunity—Fever Bal—GFM 18

Dosage:  6TD as it eases, reduce to TDS
Different ways to use remedy of priorities of condition:
Add Narayani Infection if condition is intense. -If sinuses are affected use as a unit. If throat is bad use Narayani Throat. –
If chest and lungs are bad, use with Narayani Chest & Lung
If glands are affected use Narayani Glandular


  1. Fever, chest, lungs and muscles.
  2. Use as a preventive.

CCA MIX—These deal with the chest and lungs. Whole body aching in bones and flesh.
Eup Per—Chest sore—must support it. Nausea—vomiting bile.
Fever Balance—These deal with the fever by holding it (not dropping it), so that it may burn out the virus. It must be GFM MIX 18—remember that no virus can be killed by any drug. It can only be burnt out by the fever produced by the body.
War—To hold the infection, preventing it from spreading through the body, and to deal with it.

Dosage:  As soon as one feels flu is coming on, take this remedy every 15 minutes. Take 2 pills once a day as a preventive. Every 15 minutes in an attack. If glands are swollen, give Glandular Mix with it.