About Me


Hello. I'm Jude Cresswell (BHSc Homeopathy, RSHom (UK)). My new website ‘www.theonlinehomeopath.com’ is just being launched. I wrote the main body of the site in 2009, when it was called ‘help-me-natural-health.com”. That site had several thousand visitors per month and was a free information site for people around the world, although I have always strongly encouraged visitors to the site to find a local practitioner if they could.

Earlier this year I decided to update the look of the site so that I can add more current information about homeopathy and offer an online consultation service in a more formalised way. I have been running a small face to face and online practice but at a very gentle pace throughout the intervening years as I went into a less stressful career, teaching.  

In January 2019 I decided to attend the course in Calcutta that I had previously attended in 1991. Dr Banerjee, his son Saptarshi and their team present well documented and analysed cases from their rural and slum clinics, following a tradition that goes back through generations of his family. When I was there I realised that I want to engage more fully with the new homeopathic community of practitioners and students, in Australia and around the world. Homeopathy is gaining more and more recognition and appreciation as a medicinal system, as the science of quantum physics comes closer and closer to understanding the homeopathic phenomenon.


1981 - 85: Diploma in Homeopathy 1981-1985 The School of Homeopathy.

1985 Practice in Homeopathy, Nottingham UK.

1987  Vice Principal The Soluna School of Homeopathy, Cromford

1988  Joined the Board of Directors of the Society of Homeopaths

Welfare Director, Honorary Secretary and Chair.

Guest lecturer at The London College of Homeopathy and The Northern College

1989 RSHom Society of Homeopaths

1991:  Post Graduate Diploma in Homeopathy, Calcutta India

1999:   Advanced Diploma SCHM.

1998- 2005  Principal Sydney College of Homeopathy

2000: Train the Trainer

2005: BHSc. University of New England, Armidale, NSW Australia 


Sydney College of Homeopathic Medicine June 1998- Dec 2004

Position:  Principal

Responsibilities: Teaching, Curriculum and Course Design

  • I wrote and delivered the FIRST year of the course, a 32-week course, over two semesters, in three hour classes with full assessment via assignments and examination.
  • My other main area of responsibility was clinical supervision. Senior students have a case load requirement of thirty cases taken through to the third prescription;
  • Maintaining a viable college environment for staff and students. 13 staff and up to 100 students, attending up to eight, 3 hour sessions per week.
  • Delivering and improving standards of training for homeopathic practitioners in the Sydney area.
  • Reaching and maintaining Australian government standards in Competency
  • Meeting government standards in private college administration under VETAB regulations
  • Meeting government requirements for the admittance and care of overseas students under CRICOS regulations


  • The establishment of the Degree BHSc Homoeopathy through the University of New England, granted in August 2002.
  • Directorship and then Chair of the Australian Homoeopathic Association 1998-2003

Bachelor of Health Science BHSc