Recommended Pharmacies

Do you have a basic homeopathy kit? Or can you get hold of remedies quite easily? Either of this questions can be answered easily by contacting a good homeopathic pharmacy.

Here are links to some of the big homeopathic pharmacies around the world that I recommend.

Please note: Only buy single remedies. Please do not buy combinations of remedies. Remedy suggestions from will always be single remedies or tinctures.

We assume that you have some knowledge or understanding of how to dispense a remedy and basic first aid. But, if you have never used homeopathy before, there are full instructions you can also download and print for future use.

Theonlinehomeopath does not offer a formal prescription, but rather a suggestion about the remedies that are best indicated for your symptoms. You would then use remedies from your kit or order fresh remedies from your local homeopathic pharmacy; often they will dispatch them overnight. Please make sure you follow instructions carefully.