Introduction To The Basics Of Homeopathy - Online Study
Introduction To The Basics Of Homeopathy - Online Study

Introduction To The Basics Of Homeopathy - Online Study

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Are you looking to start a career in homeopathy? Want to learn more before you pay out for an accredited course? Then it’s time to sign up for Introduction To The Basics Of Homeopathy, your online beginner’s course to the ins and outs of homeopathy brought you by Jude Cresswell, The Online Homeopath. 

This homeopathy course is ideal if you are:

  • considering a career in Homeopathy
  • starting an accredited programme in a few months time and would like to fill the gap and gain basic knowledge before commencing a more in-depth course
  • like the idea of a holistic approach to treating themselves and wants to know more.

The woman behind this comprehensive course and The Online Homeopath is Jude Cresswell, a qualified homeopath with over 35 years experience, RSHom with the Society of Homeopaths and Director on the Board in the 90s and former Principal of the Sydney College of Homeopathy. 

What this introduction to Homeopathy course covers:
During this modular course, spread out over 20 online modules, you’ll learn all about: 

  • The history of homeopathy, Samuel Hahnemann’s life to his new theory in the 6th Edition
  • The philosophy of homeopathy
  • The Organon studies, discussing particular Aphorisms so you can ‘hit the ground running’ when you start an accredited course
  • Potency and scale
  • Provings
  • Materia Medica and how to study it, including the basics of over 100 remedies that you can print out and annotate
  • Repertory Studies 
  • And certain aspects of First Aid 

Study whenever and however it suits you:
You’ll get access to all of this course material so you can study whenever and wherever you want. As you complete each of the 20 modules, you’ll have the option to book in a video call with Jude to discuss the lesson and go through the exercises.

No stress certification:
On finishing all 20 modules, you’ll be asked to complete a multiple choice questionnaire on the course content covered and submit a short assignment. 

Successfully complete these final 2 stages and you’ll receive a Certificate of Completion, which will look great on your application to colleges to study homeopathy anywhere in the world. 

What will it cost?
Valued at almost $4000 and normally charged at $1500, for a limited time only, you can enjoy the whole course for just $999. Simply sign up right here and take the first steps towards a successful career in homeopathy.

When you purchase the Introduction to the Basics of Homeopathy course, you become a VIP member for 12 months free of charge (worth over $70!). See full details here.


Take a deep dive into homeopathy with VIP access

When you subscribe to become a VIP member of The Online Homeopath, you’ll get access to a wealth of articles containing over 20 years of homeopathic knowledge.

For just $9.99 each month or a discounted yearly subscription, you can dive deeper into the roots and remedies of homeopathy.

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